About Us

Confetti Florist has been operational for over 30 years and has assisted hundreds of brides in making their day memorable. We pride ourselves on our quality work and detail to every request.

We have fulfilled many different and unique requests, from hand painted stems to shoulder bouquets, and added decorative features such as feathers, crystals and pearls. The possibilities are endless!

About us

Our Team.

Joan Nordin

Sr. Designer & Owner
Joan created Confetti more than 30 years ago and has had experience in all facets of the floral industry including arrangements for auditoriums, hotels, the Calgary Tower meeting rooms, funerals, and of course WEDDINGS! She loves them all, however, her passion is in the creativity of wedding flowers. Joan appreciates a challenge that will stretch her creative mind. Helping to make a Bride’s day unforgettable is something she will always strive for.

Lindsay Marr

Associate Designer
Lindsay has always had a creative outlet in different ways for over 10 years. Through creating custom diaper cakes, artwork and palette wood signs she is a natural fit to this company. She is gifted in added extras for shabby chic weddings such as antique signage and adding definition to other wedding themes. Lindsay is a people person and does what it takes to make them happy.